to the website of the study programme “Water Technology, Water Reuse and Water Management” (WaterTech) of the Technical University Darmstadt at the Vietnamese-German University in Ho Chi Minh City.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Martin Wagner

If you are interested in the topic of sustainable water management, then the WaterTech Master's programme is just right for you. The programme is based on the motto "Water is Our Future" and focuses on the topics of water and wastewater treatment as well as river basin management with a special focus on water reuse. The programme takes place at the Vietnamese-German University in Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt. By choosing one of the two specialisations "Water and Wastewater" or "River Management", students receive extensive qualifications in these subject areas. Through the "Interdisciplinary Project", students also work on a realistic planning project, which they carry out in small groups. For this study programme, you should have a Bachelor's degree in Water/Wastewater, Environmental Engineering or a related field of study.

Picture: Katrin Binner

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Why WaterTech?

Water is the basis of all life and an important resource for modern societies and industries. Global phenomena such as climate change, population growth and urbanisation pose new challenges for water management and sanitation and require innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable development.

Both challenges and solution approaches are addressed in our study programme WaterTech. It trains future professionals in the field of water management and enables them to develop new concepts for water supply, wastewater disposal, hydraulic engineering and water resource management in a rapidly changing world. The special focus of the degree programme is on water reuse, which is becoming increasingly important in arid areas and industrial centres.