Sewage sludge – Production and Treatment Procedures. Integrative Approaches to Resource Management in Wastewater Technology

Language of instruction: German

Term cycle: WiSe

Content of teaching/Exam requirement:

Production, quantity and quality of sewage sludge; sewage sludge and bio solids characteristics; analytical methods; treatment options; Fundamentals of aerobic and anaerobic digestion; Fundamentals of legislation; Digestion processes (aerobic and anaerobic); construction and equipment of sludge digestion plants; sludge pretreatment (thickening, desintegration); Co-Digestion; Production, composition, pre-treatment and use of digester gas; Conditioning; Dewatering; Drying and incineration; Treatment and disposal of prcess water; Disposal of sewage sludge; Alternative and new processes (HTC, pyrolysis); Nutrient recovery; Field trip; Compilation and presentation of a paper; Laboratory: Characterisation of sewage sludge due to biomethane potential tests

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Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Design, construct, operate and maintain environmental plants concerning technical, economic and ecological issues
  • Evaluate different solutions, explain in an objective and understandable way, take and explain decisions
  • Present their results in an appropriate manner
  • Handle specific problems on their own in a scientific way