Biological Wastewater Treatment

Language of instruction: German

Term cycle: WiSe

Content of teaching/Exam requirement:

Writing a seminar paper focussing on a treatment method for biological wastewater treatment (own choice of topic, e.g. multi-stage processes, biofilm processes, membrane processes, treatment of process water, wastewater disinfection, micropollutant elimination, wastewater ponds, UASB-plants, aeration systems, water reuse)

Dimensioning exercise for optimization of design and planning of wastewater treatment plants for nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) removal with focus on cost reduction, dimensioning of activated sludge, MBR reactors, biofilter, SBR-, anaerobic and other plants; Application of international dimensioning standards; Reduction of investing and running costs

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Design, construct, operate and maintain environmental plants concerning technical, economic and ecological issues
  • Evaluate different solutions, explain in an objective and understandable way, take and explain decisions
  • Present their results in an appropriate manner
  • Handle specific problems on their own in a scientific way