Wastewater Technology 3 – Planning, Construction and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

The module Wastewater Technology 3 – Planning, Construction and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants consists of the following two lectures:

13-K2-0007-vl: Planung und Bau von Abwassertechnischen Anlagen

13-K2-0008-vl: Betrieb von Abwasserbehandlungsanlagen

Language of instruction: German

Term cycle: SoSe

Content of teaching/Exam requirement:

Planung und Bau von Abwassertechnischen Anlagen:

  • Introduction to relevant laws and regulation
  • Water quantity and quality management
  • Evaluation of basics and preliminary planning
  • Waste water inflow and external water
  • Data evaluation
  • Design planning and construction of waste water treatment plants
  • Constructive and planning aspects of mechanical waste water treatment (Rakes, sand traps, primary clarifier)
  • Process engineering and special design of biological waste water treament
  • Planning and optimization of the in- and effluent construction of seconda
  • Case studies and practical experiences for planning and implementation of mechanical and biological waste water treatmentry clarifier
  • Project controlling
  • Dynamic cost comparison calculation

Betrieb von Abwasserbehandlungsanlagen:

  • Discussion of accident prevention and safety at work directives
  • Operating instructions (Supervision, disturbances, business administration, energy consumption)
  • Start-up of wastewater treatment plants
  • Energy savings on waste water treatment plants
  • Personell requirements and planning
  • Discussion of technology of biological treatment and sewage sluge treatment regarding operational aspects
  • Excursion

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Design, construct, operate and maintain environmental plants concerning technical, economic and ecological issues
  • Evaluate different solutions, explain in an objective and understandable way, take and explain decisions
  • Present their results in an appropriate manner
  • Handle specific problems on their own in a scientific way