Recycling and resource management

The circular economy and secondary raw materials working group is concerned with strategies, concepts and processes for the extraction of secondary raw materials that can be returned to the economic cycle in a high-quality manner. In addition to the conceptual development of waste management concepts, the focus is on the development of new processes for the material and energetic utilization of waste or its constituents.

Key aspects

  • Waste management concepts
  • Treatment processes of biogenic waste
  • Urban Mining

Current research projects on the bioeconomy are investigating the material use of biogenic waste from households, agriculture and industry. The objectives are new biorefinery concepts for obtaining biobased products. The research work is partly carried out in cooperation with developing and newly industrializing countries and includes, in addition to the development of waste management concepts, the transfer of teaching. A major goal of urban mining is the recycling of high-value material flows. In this context, we are working in cooperation with the IWKS on the development of sorting techniques for the recovery of high-quality plastics.


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Dr.-Ing. Jan Kannengießer
group leader
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M.Sc. Alessio Campitelli
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M.Sc. Kasimir Simon
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M.Sc. Malte Vogelgesang
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M.Sc. Dario Gogic
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