Eco-factor world - envionmental problem noise pollution



Eco-factor world – envionmental problem noise pollution

Within a research project with the partner Fraunhofer project group IWKS, country-specific environmental assessment factors were developed for the environmental problem “noise pollution”. These environmental assessment factors have been developed for the eight countries USA, South Africa, India, Mexico, Russia, China, Brazil and Argentina and are being applied within the environmental management of Volkswagen AG.

Volkswagen AG has successfully implemented the so-called “SEBU method” for over 10 years in environmental management. As a basis for the assessment of environmental aspects the SEBU method uses the “Ecological Scarcity Method” developed in Switzerland. Until now, in the absence of country-specific assessment factors, the eco-factors included in the original method from Switzerland were used; however, this has always been seen as a deficit for site-specific valuation. In 2014, country-specific assessment factors for the German framework conditions were developed for the first time in the “Eco-factors for Germany” project. The fundamental principles for these assessment factors were coordinated with the German Federal Environment Agency. Starting from the experience of this study, country-specific eco-factors have now been developed for the application of the SEBU method at the Volkswagen AG sites worldwide. The overall project “Eco-factors World” was subdivided into subprojects covering one or more environmental problems. While the first subprojects, which are already completed, encompassed the environmental problems “climate change”, “scarcity of energy resources”, “air pollution”, “waste”, “scarcity of freshwater resources” and “emissions to surface waters” and “waste”, this subproject focused on the environmental problem “noise pollution”.


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TU Darmstadt FG Stoffstrommanagement und Ressourcenwirtschaft und Fraunhofer Projektgruppe iWKS

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Fraunhofer Projektgruppe IWKS


01 November 2017 – 30 April 2018

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