Transformation analysis and design concepts for a regional bioeconomy



Transformation analysis and design concepts for a regional bioeconomy

Within the funding measure “Innovationsräume Bioökonomie, the innovation area ”Innovationsraum BioBall" was selected for funding. BioBall understands itself as a driver of the transformation process towards a sustainable, bio-based economy – under the specific conditions of a densely populated and industrialised metropolitan region. Therefore, bioeconomic technologies are to be researched and developed into innovative value chains within five years in various R&D&I projects.

TransRegBio develops models, tools and concepts for the evaluation and design of a biobased economy. The knowledge gained will be used for the scientific monitoring of the R&D&I projects. For this, the following questions will be addressed:

(1) What are the barriers and drivers for the market introduction of bioeconomic technologies? What are the most promising biobased value chains?

(2) Which environmental impacts do the bioeconomic processes developed in the R&D&I projects have in the life cycle?

(3) What is the impact of biomass demand at the macroeconomic level on phenomena such as land use, biological CO2 storage and biodiversity?




TU Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Stoffstrommanagement und Ressourcenwirtschaft

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Provadis Hochschule

right. based on science

Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

Universität Kassel, CESR

Thuenen-Institut, Institut für Marktanalyse


01. December 2019 – 30. November 2022

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Bundeswirtschaftsministerium für Bildung und Forschung (FKZ: 031B0901A)

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