current dissertation


Current dissertation

Bennis, Zineb

Generation of bio-based products and bio-fuels from organic waste

Campitelli, Alessio

Resource efficiency in metal industry

Cienfuegos, Bernardo

Analyse und Optimierung von Transportprozessen im Falle von saisonal fluktuierenden Angebots an Biomasse zur Beschickung von Biokraftwerken

Fritz, Markus

Utilization of industrial waste heat for providing heat in buildings

Göllner-Völker, Laura

Energy storage – scenario analysis and environmental assessment

Gottschling, Michael

Is it possible for selected parameters of pollutants (e.g. Kow-value, water solubility, etc.) and polymers to assess the partition coefficient K polymer-water with a multidimensional model?

Ike, George

How the energy industry can shift to a low-carbon world

Jansky, Nadine

Sustainability assessment on the basis of Life Cycle Assessment

Miekley, Britta

Raw materials in buildings

Mrani, Othman

Material and energy flow analysis in bio-refinery for selected bio-based products

Neef, Mara

Accounting and controlling CO2 emissions of automotive original equipment manufacturers from a life cycle perspective – exemplified at Volkswagen Group

Pieprzyk, Björn

Berücksichtigung indirekter Effekte in der Ökobilanz von Biokraftstoffen

Weyand, Steffi

Assessment for future Energy Technologies

Wowra, Karoline

Investigation on indirect and direct land use change from biofuels in Eastern Europe

Xia, Lili

Developing tools for the determination of the geographical origin of unknown vegetable oils and biodiesel