Material Flow Management and Resource Economy

Welcome at the department of Material Flow Management and Resource Economy

A major precondition of global sustainable development is achieving a decrease in society’s consumption of resources and energy. How can we make it possible for an ever growing global population to enjoy a good standard of living, how can we produce enough food and energy, and how can we provide the consumer goods demanded by modern society and at the same time conserve our natural environment? The chair of Material Flow Management and Resource Economy investigates these questions in practice with regard to specific issues. We employ tools for systems analysis, notably material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA), we elaborate scenarios and models, we develop methods for analytical chemistry, and we carry out experimental work as part of the development of novel technologies for using waste material and secondary resources.

The major goal of both our research and our teaching is to provide sound scientific knowledge for the sustainable management of resources in the economy and in society. We cooperate with scientific organizations in Germany and abroad, and we maintain a network of contacts in industry, the government, and academia by participating in scientific committees and joint research projects. Our alumni work for companies, research organizations, and public administration in practical and strategic fields.

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