Jorge Cristóbal

Dr. Jorge Cristóbal

group leader

+49 6151 16-20736
+49 6151 16-20305

Franziska-Braun-Straße 7
64287 Darmstadt

Office: L5/01 323

Working area(s)

  • wastewater treatment
  • life cycle assessment
  • waste management
  • bioeconomy

Student Advisory Service

on agreement

PhD thesis

Multi-objective optimization for the sustainability assessment of coal based electricity generation technologies


1. Peer-reviewed Journals

Cristóbal, J., Albo, J., Irabien, A. Environmental sustainability assessment of electricity from fossil fuel combustion: carbon footprint, 2010. Low carbon economy, 1, 86-91. doi:10.4236/lce.2010.12011

Cristóbal, J., Guillén-Gosálbez, G., Jimenez, L., Irabien, A. Optimization of global and local pollution control in electricity production from coal burning, 2012. Applied Energy, 92, 369-378.

Cristóbal, J., Guillén-Gosálbez, G., Jimenez, L., Irabien, A. Multi-objective optimization of coal-fired electricity production with CO2 capture, 2012. Applied Energy, 98, 266-272

Cristóbal, J., Guillén-Gosálbez, G., Jimenez, L., Irabien, A. MINLP model for optimizing electricity production from coal-fired power plant considering carbon management, 2012. Energy Policy, 51, 493-501.

Cristóbal, J., Guillén-Gosálbez, G., Kraslawski, A., Irabien, A. Stochastic MILP model for optimal timing of investments in CO2 capture technologies under uncertainty in prices, 2013. Energy, 54, 343 – 351.

Cristóbal, J., Matos, C.T., Aurambout, J.P., Manfredi, S., Kavalov, B. Environmental sustainability assessment of bioeconomy value chains, 2016. Biomass and bioenergy, 89, 159 – 171.

Manfredi, S., Cristóbal, J. Towards more sustainable management of European food waste: methodological approach and numerical application, 2016. Waste Research and Management, 34, 957 – 968.

Cristóbal, J., Limleamthong, P., Manfredi, S., Guillén-Gosálbez, G. Methodology for combined use of data envelopment analysis and life cycle assessment applied to food waste management, 2016. Journal of cleaner production, 135, 158 – 168.

Cristóbal, J., Castellani, V., Manfredi, S., Sala, S. Prioritizing and optimizing sustainable measures for food waste prevention and management, 2017. Waste management, 72, 3 – 16.

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