Modeling of material flow Systems I material flow analysis and Life Cycle Assessment


Modelling of material flow Systems I: material flow analysis and Life Cycle Assessment


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Modeling of material flow Systems I: material flow analysis and Life Cycle Assessment
lecture and exercise
Lecture: Thu 09:50 – 11:30
Prof. Dr. Liselotte Schebek
M.Sc. Steffi Weyand; M.Sc. Christian Dierks
The course introduces the foundations of modelling systems of the techno sphere based on process chain analysis followed by an introduction of the application of Life Cycle Assessments. The process chain analysis makes up the balance of all in- and out coming material and energy flows of all modelled technical processes within a well-defined system boundary. This is also the basis of the Life Cycle Assessment. The aim of a LCA is the compilation and assessment of environmental impacts throughout the whole life cycle including production, use and disposal of products, services and technologies. The individual steps are explained on basis of the ISO 14040/44 Norm: Predefinition of system frame and functional unit in dependency on the objectives, data basis and mathematical solution process of the life cycle inventory, principles of impact assessments, evaluation and interpretation of the results. Furthermore, important subsystems of the techno sphere will be analysed (e.g. energy sector) and the application of LCA within these sectors will be explained by means of concrete examples. Special focus is placed on the examination of innovative technologies and their contribution as well as the involvement of scenarios for future development (“consequential LCA”). In conclusion, the integration of social and economic aspects as well as possibilities and restrictions of a LCA will be discussed in the context of other system analytical methods.
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