Aufruf für Beiträge für die Sonderausgabe / Call for Contributions to the Special Issue on "Energy and Resource Efficiency" of Sustainability



Aufruf für Beiträge für die Sonderausgabe / Call for Contributions to the Special Issue on „Energy and Resource Efficiency“ of Sustainability

Als Gastherausgeberinnen der Sonderausgabe „Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz“ des Journals Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050) möchten Prof. Liselotte Schebek und Steffi Weyand zur Einreichung von Beiträgen im Themenfeld „Energieeffizienz, Ressourceneffizienz oder Indikatoren zur Effizienzbewertung im Rahmen der Ökobilanzierung oder Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung“ aufrufen. Die Einreichungsfrist ist der 01. August 2020.

English Version: As guest editors of the Special Issue on „Energy and Resource Efficiency“ of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050), Prof. Liselotte Schebek and Steffi Weyand would like to call for the submission of contributions on the scope of energy efficiency, resource efficiency, life-cycle assessment or sustainability assessment and indicators. The submission deadline is 01 August 2020.

Enhancing the energy and resource efficiency of society is a major strategy of sustainable development. A closer look, however, reveals several challenges regarding efficiency strategies. Basically, the term resources covers a broad range of natural and other resources, covering, e.g., energy itself, raw materials, and eco-system services where counter-current outcomes between single resources may result. Moreover, when taking a life-cycle perspective, shifts between life-cycle phases may jeopardize savings and diminish net reductions of single resources from measures of efficiency improvement. Beyond this, there has been a long-standing discussion on whether technology-based efficiency gains may be depleted partly by rebound effects, i.e., higher consumption and behavioural effects. While all these issues are known, a review of the literature on the topic of energy and resource efficiency shows a scattered picture, where studies often focus on specific cases rather than on overarching perspectives of how efficiency measures and strategies can be designed and assessed, targeting the greatest possible contribution to sustainable development.

The scope of this Special Issue is on the assessment of energy and resource efficiency measures and strategies as to their expected contribution to targets of sustainable development. Contributions may address methodology of assessment as well as the investigation of implementations and outcomes of selected efficiency measures and strategies in a comprehensive perspective. Exemplary topics may cover approaches of structuring, weighing, and assessment for handling counter-current effects between single resources; suitable indicators of resource efficiency for cross-cutting assessment between measures and sectors; ex ante assessment of emerging technologies; analysis of impacts from digital transformation on resource efficiency; and comparative assessment and investigation of interconnections between sectoral developments and strategies.

More information on the Special Issue you can find here.

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