Welcome to the Chair of Wastewater Engineering

The Chair of Wastewater Engineering has been established at the IWAR in March 2016. We deal with fundamental and practice-oriented questions of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. In addition to classical approaches, which we mainly employ in teaching and practice projects, we are also investigating and developing new technologies, e.g. biofilm and membrane processes. The focus lays on innovative biological processes, such as biological nitrogen elimination (nitritation, anammox). For the development and optimization of new processes, we operate reactors on a laboratory and pilot scale. In addition to experimental research, the mathematical simulation of biochemical processes also has a great contribution to a better understanding and control of technical systems.

The new group has a highly interdisciplinary character, which is particularly evident at the interface to environmental microbiology. The use of molecular biology methods is an important approach for us in order to better understand and optimize biological systems in wastewater treatment. We study individual processes as well as the influence of wastewater treatment plants on the surrounding water bodies. The sustainable management of water resources is indispensable for a complete analysis of wastewater treatment technologies as demographic, economic and climatic changes must be taken into account. The water quality is largely affected by wastewater treatment plants which act as emission sources for parameters such as nitrogen, phosphorus and micro-pollutants. Water treatment and water reuse of purified wastewater is also an important issue, especially in regions with water scarcity and developing countries, and is therefore part of our research activities.

In order to achieve a practically oriented training for our students, the link between research and teaching is of high importance in our group. National and international collaborations and industrial contacts enable students to gain insights into the various research projects and subsequent professional activities, including the opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad.